Automatic filter bag fabric slitting machine


1,Automatic filter fabric slitting production line. 2,Good quality slitting machine line. 3,It can slitting all kinds of filter. fabrics ,special designed for filter non-woven & woven fabric slitting. 4,Reasonable design and easy - operating screen 5,This machine equipped with fabric inspection part which can assure the cutting quality 6,Save labor cost & increase work effective for factory 7,Fabric width can be adjusted according filter bags dimension 8,Fabric cutting edge is much smooth and beautiful

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Automatic filter bag fabric slitting machine has four parts:

a.Feeding part,

b.Inspection Part,

c&d.Cutting Part and Rolling Part.

This machine is for larger width fabric inspection and cutting, it can slitting as you required width. It adopt rectify a deviation device to ensure exact cutting and high-power motor can suit for kinds of fabric high speed cutting.

Application: Polyester, PPS,FMS, Woven fiberglass and so on. 


Applicable Width

Max 2500mm

Winding Diameter


Cutting Speed


Power of Motor


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