PTFE filter bag fabric with PTFE membrane


German-Typical Filtech Co.,Limited is a professional manufacturer of filter bag fabric in China,we have normal temperature filter bag fabric,high temperature filter bag fabric

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Specification of PTFE Filter Fabric

Item PTFE Needle felt

Fiber 100% PTFE

Scrim 100% PTFE

Physical Property

weightg/m2): 750 +/- 5%

Thicknessmm): 1.26

Densityg/cm3): 0.7

Surface finishment singed,calendered,heat set

Air permeabilitym3/m2 min@12.7mmH2O10-15

Tensile CDN/200×50mm 800

MDN/200×50mm 900

ElongationCD% 20

MD% 25

Shrinkage@260℃ 24h): 2.5 %

Chemical Property

Acid resistance excellent

Alkali resistance excellent

Oxidation resistance excellent

Hydrolyze resistance excellent


Working Tem): 250

Surge Tem): 270



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